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Photo of various flavors of ice cream

If 31 flavors don’t hold your interest anymore, look no further than these 10 minority-owned ice cream shops.

(And if you’re on a diet, just remember that rules are meant to be broken.) 


Creamalicious is one of the only Black-owned, mass-produced ice cream brands in the U.S.

It’s home to Southern-inspired desserts flavors like old-fashioned banana pudding, peach cobbler, and caramel pound cake. Delish!

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

If you see a jovial green and yellow dragon, you’ve made it to the right place. 

Known as the “unofficial landmark of NYC”, CICF shares its Chinese tradition through family, fun, and flavor. Among their traditional flavors are herbal green tea, sweet mango, and nutty black sesame ice cream. You may even be lucky to come by and try their specialty flavors like jelly doughnut, chocolate bacon, and halo-halo. 

Ice Queen

Located in Portland, OR, Ice Queen uses vegan and sustainable ingredients to create delicious paletas, ice cream bars, and limited edition desserts. 

Churrito Loco

I’d visit Cali just for this…

¡Ay-ay-ay! This Mexican-owned dessert shop houses everything churro. From ice cream sandwiches to churro cones, Churrito Loco will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Noona’s Ice Cream

After noticing that Asian ice cream flavors are only at select grocers, Hannah Bae decided to change her career path to something that showcased her Korean-American food and heritage. So, in 2016 Bae launched Noona’s Ice Cream, which is home to traditional Asian-American flavors like matcha green tea, yuzu blossom, and their top-seller, black sesame.

Paparazzi Ice Cream Shop 

Who can say no to cinnamon toast ice cream?

This family-run ice cream shop takes rolled ice cream to the next level. They even have ice cream classes for the community!

Cathy’s Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwiches 

Four words: cookie, ice cream, topping. That’s just how easy it is to grab your gourmet, custom-made ice cream sandwich from Cathy’s. Located in downtown Cleveland, Cathy’s uses unique ice cream flavors, all-natural ingredients, and fresh-baked cookies to create the perfect sweet treat.

Scoops n’ Buns 

Scoops n’ Buns brings their Filipino flair to Garland, TX. Enjoy their 12 classic scoops or in-house flavors of jackfruit and buko pandan. 

Torico Ice Cream

Torico Ice Cream holds the record for the most ice cream flavors on this list. Offering over 65 flavors, this family-run business strives to create new flavors to satisfy their customer’s taste buds. Their items range from traditional ice cream scoops to cakes; they even have sundae kits for at-home fun!

Indigo Cow

Hokkaido-style ice cream is fairly new to Americans. Originating in Hokkaido, Japan, this type of ice cream uses whole milk, fresh cream, and condensed milk to create a soft serve that’s rich in flavor and sweetness. Indigo Cow uses Hokkaido products for their one-of-a-kind ice cream flavors.

What’s interesting about Indigo Cow and Hokkaido ice cream is that the “default” flavor is vanilla. However, Indigo Cow has a series of toppings, syrups, and seasonal specials for you to create your own perfect scoop.

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