New York City is the city that never sleeps but during COVID we’ve had to reevaluate if that is necessarily a good thing.
We have all started to thinking about what matters the most in our lives. It ranges from work- life balance to our personal connections. This self care NYC weekend is a step in the right direction to self discovery and personal care.
This is our top ten self care things to do for yourself in NYC. For us self care doesn’t stop with a spa or a massage but an entire day of choosing you.
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  1. If you’re looking for someplace to stay when visiting NYC, one of the best places to experience luxury, culture,, and a stunning building with a deep history in Brooklyn is the Akwaaba Mansion Bed & Breakfast.
  2. Based in NYC Ying and Kang is a jewelry company that is perfect for your trip to the city. It’s run by two amazing women of color native to New York. They combine beauty and harmony “ their jewelry is rooted in positive intentions and hopes for elevation and empowerment for their wearer.”
  3. Next up in your self-care journey in New York is  ILHA candles. ILHA Candles are carefully handcrafted with cotton wicks, natural soy wax, and toxin-free fragrances. To ensure each candle is handled carefully, our candles are hand-poured in small batches, packaged, and shipped from our home studio.
  4. No visit to the city would be complete without checking out a good bookstore. New York City still has a few excellent ones ,and one of them is Cafe Con Libros. Founded by Kalime DeSuze who created Cafe Con Libros as a feminist book store with the likes of Audre Lorde to Roxanne Gay. They are absolutely worth the visit and cool place to relax, read and heal.
  5. Sweet Chick- Is one of the brunch places you have to try out when coming to NYC. With four locations in the city, your option to try  Sweet Chick is plentiful.
  6. Life can be hard,, especially during the past two years,, but something as simple as a beautiful scent or candle can make our days better than Ellis Brooklyn.
  7. After you’ve chosen a great scent, you should head uptown to get a fly hat from Flame Keepers Hat Club.
  8. After beating the pavement of New York all day and before you head out for the night make sure to pay a visit to Selah the Spa. A 90 minute massage and a mani-pedi is what the doctor ordered.
  9. Self-care is the theme of this New York City visit and picking up some beautiful soaps at  Lila Suds will pamper your skin even more when you get back to the Akwaaba Mansion.
  10. The end to a perfect day is checking out The Cove Lounge  a Harlem favorite to get some amazing cocktails and end this self care trip on a high note.

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