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15 Black-owned Businesses to Support This Black Friday

Historically, Black businesses have struggled during Black Friday due to high competition with bigger corporations. In light of supporting Black businesses and becoming a  conscious consumer, we’ve come up with 15 Black-owned companies to support this Black Friday!

Find more BIPOC-owned businesses you’ll love here.

Briogeo Hair

    One of the best-selling and highly recommended hair companies, Briogeo Hair, has some amazing products for BIPOC women. Their products treat 11 different hair concerns, all ranging from split ends to oily hair to sensitive scalps, which is perfect for someone who knows exactly what they’re looking for. And if not, Briogeo Hair has you covered as well. Their website offers a hair quiz that matches you with hair care products that fit your hair type. 

Briogeo Hair is currently offering a 15 percent discount on holiday sets and 40 percent off on jumbo sizes. 


If you need a gift for someone who loves card and board games, look into purchasing CultureTags. This card game tests your knowledge on Black culture in the form of abbreviations, slang, and acronyms. Pick up the original game as well as their expansion packs for some family-friendly fun.  [Picture Source]

Mented Cosmetics

Mented Cosmetics is the ideal purchase for makeup lovers. This BIPOC-owned makes finding shades for people of color simple and affordable. They have 16 foundation shades that range from light to deep brown shades. They also have a lip line that houses up to nine shades. And for Black Friday, they are offering a 30 percent discount on all of their products. 

Ten Wilde

This gold jewelry line creates versatile gems for the multi-faceted woman. Ten Wilde offers personalized jewelry like zodiac signs and birth years, as well as beautiful everyday earrings and necklaces. Their gold hoop earrings and waist chains are best-sellers among  Their products are crafted in Los Angeles and have been seen on various influencers and singers. [Picture Source]

Brysie Lane

This San Francisco-based brand designs handbags, wallets, and add-on accessories. Their swappable accessories collection makes them stand out from the handbag industry. Brysie Lane creates different bows and flowers that can easily be swapped and added onto their purses. Each of their bags come in four different colors, from Lipstick Red to California Tan. Be sure to check them out if you’re thinking of buying a long-lasting handbag.

People of Color Beauty 

People of Color Beauty is a vegan and non-toxic nail brand. Their 5 nude polishes are meant for light to dark people of color. They also have Latin-inspired colors like “La Playa,” that showcase the vibrancy of Latin and Central America. They even have multiple nail bundles for each nail collection. 


Puzzle Huddle

These jigsaw puzzles showcase different BIPOC historical figures. Puzzle Huddle also offers puzzles of Black doctors, astronauts, and other careers in STEAM. Their collections vary from 15-200 piece puzzles based on age range. These puzzles are fun and inspiring to children of color, who are not usually represented in books and games.

[Picture Source]


The Silver Room 

The Silver Room is a clothing brand that houses an assortment of eclectic jewelry, candles, and books. Most of their apparel is Black and Chicago-inspired streetwear and their candles are named after iconic Chicago neighborhoods. They have a section for holiday gifts and a selection of books written by Black authors. They also have a children’s book section that teaches kids about race, embracing their ethnicity, and historical BIPOC figures. 



This clothing brand combines African and Western culture to create trendy, everyday fashion. Their goal is for people to express themselves in an original way, and they are doing just that with their vibrant  and unique clothing pieces. D’iyanu creates clothes for people of all ages and their inclusive sizes make shopping easy for everyone.

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Malik Books

Located in Los Angeles, California, this independent bookstore is the perfect alternative for locating African-American literature. Malik Books houses an assortment of self-help books, Ted Talk novels, and best-sellers written by Black authors. They even have multiple books that educate children about race and African-American history such as Juneteenth: A Children’s Story by Opal Lee and What If We Were All The Same by C.M. Harris. 

Hanahana Beauty

Hanahana Beauty is a sustainable, clean, skincare brand founded by Abena Boamah-Acheampong. Hanahana Beauty uses all-natural and directly sourced ingredients to craft products made for people of color. They offer different skin care products such as shea body butters, exfoliators, and holiday sets. Their intent is to not only help the local Ghanaian communities, but to also educate and be more transparent with their consumers. 

Brandon Blackwood

This luxury fashion company specializes in handbags and wallets. Brandon Blackwood gained rapid popularity when many celebrities like Saweetie, Cardi B, and Solange Knowles started rocking his bags. He also caught the world’s attention after releasing the “ESR tote,” which was a bag with the motif “End Systemic Racism” attached to it. [Picture Source]


Kai Collective 

This London-based clothing company offers luxury clothing and accessories meant for multi-dimensional, trendsetting, women. Founder Fisayo Longe created Kai Collective to bring confidence, inclusion, and femininity to womenswear. This is apparent in Kai Collective, which frequently features plus-size models and women of color rocking the brand’s clothes. 


Avila Diana Chidume noticed a lack of representation in the greeting card industry and decided to create her own business of diverse greeting cards and gifts. Avila.Diana houses a plethora of holiday, Pride Month, birthday, and thank you cards that are in collaboration with other artists. This is a great place to find one-of-a-kind cards and gifts that embrace diversity. 


Bricks & Wood

This South Central-based brand sells high quality, contemporary streetwear. Like most of these collections, Bricks & Wood focuses on creating timeless, authentic, and rare pieces for anyone to love. Bricks & Wood have a variety of beanies, sweatpants, matching sets, and embroidered socks that are perfect for someone who’s into street fashion. [Picture Source]






To find more Black-owned businesses to support, head to Blistey.com.