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Women’s History Month is finally here! This month is dedicated to the often-overlooked accomplishments women have done in the United States.

Today, women of color are making history by creating their own businesses, speaking at events, and taking space in male-dominated fields. Here are some ways you can support and acknowledge their accomplishments:

Listen to Podcasts

There are so many female-led podcasts that can impact everyone.

The first is, “Girls That Invest,” hosted by Sim and Sonya. Investing can be intimidating, especially when business and finance are male-oriented subjects. But, Sim and Sonya create a safe space for women to learn about topics like investments, personal finance, and Bitcoin. 

Another podcast to check out is “Lessons from a Quitter,” by Goli Kalkhoran. Kalkhoran ended up quitting her job as a lawyer and started “Lessons from a Quitter” in 2018 to help people who want to start a new career path, but have no clue how. She helps her audience with understanding regret, anxiety, and procrastination, and gives advice on how to plan a way out of a miserable career.

Watch TED Talks

TED – The holy grail for motivational speeches. This Youtube channel has a plethora of speeches about female activism, intersectionality, and other topics for Women of Color to enjoy. TED even has another channel called “TED-Ed,” which teaches people history and science. This channel has an entire playlist called, “Well-behaved women seldom make history,” about historical women in the world and why we should learn more about them.

Watch Films About and/or Made by Women of Color

There are a multitude of films online that document the lives of women. Period. End of Sentence is about Delhi women and how they were able to create feminine products for the people in their village.

Films like City of Joy deal with heavier topics like sexual assault and violence against women. This film follows activists and authors of The Vagina Monologues, Christine Schuler Deschryver and Eve Ensler, on their journey to create a safe haven for women who were victims of sexual assault. 

Supporting women does not just mean watching films about them, it also means watching films made by them. If you’re a science junkie, you should watch Coded Bias, directed by Shalini Kantayya. The film centers around women in STEM who share their opinions on the potential dark side of big tech corporations. 

Support Nonprofit Organizations

This could mean donating to women’s shelters or funding business classes for women. 

Trans Women of Color Collective is an excellent nonprofit to look into. Their mission is to uplift the lives of trans women and gender-nonconforming people through leadership and empowerment.

They even have community funds to help trans people of color with school, housing, and other necessities. In the past three years, they’ve worked with various New York and White House organizations to better the lives of the trans community. 

Support them by donating, educating yourself, and uplifting trans people of color. 

Celebrate the month of March by uplifting Women of Color. Hopefully, with societal efforts, this will turn into a year-long celebration.