8 Black-Owned Wellness Brands You Need to Know

This year’s theme for Black History Month is “Mental Health and Wellness.” So, in honor of that, we’re giving you 8 resources that will help you on your wellness journey.

Restaurants & Juice Bars: Drink Mamey - Portland, OR

Cydnie Smith-McCarthy created Drink Mamey after her father passed away from health problems in 2018. While seeking medical help, her father’s health was constantly dismissed as heartburn or fatigue. The Black community doesn’t receive the same care and attention, and therefore our lives are at risk. Smith-McCarthy is not only creating a brand to help us be healthier humans, but she’s also advocating for better medical treatment for Black people. 

Tye’s Tasteful Plateful - Indianapolis, IN 

Meal-prepped to perfection, Tye’s Tasteful Plateful gives you Caribbean-inspired meals that are under 500 calories. Their meals vary from vegan to keto to protein pancakes. Plus, you can use their weekly meal preps if you…

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Breaking Barriers with Baking

 Breaking Barriers with Baking    Picture this: You are in Athens at the agora during the 5th century BCE and a man by the name of Socrates begins to question you while you are trying to buy plums. He asks what you as an individual will do that will change the world. How could you as a single person really revolutionize the narrative? Well, if you were Tia and Mark El, co-owners of Sweet T’s Bakery and Snack Shop, you would have an answer for him. One that would begin right where you stood- at the market!   Sweet T’s Bakery and Snack Shop in Reading Terminal Market There are many markets mapping the US that are considered infamous. There is Pike Place Market in Seattle where they throw fish across the walk path. Perhaps The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco with its extreme farm freshness. Even Reading Terminal Market in one of the greatest historic states, Pennsylvania.  Reading Terminal Market stands at the center of Philadelphia as one of t…
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12 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

Treat Yourself to these Black-owned brands.

1. Use a Live By Being Complextion Clay Mask

Self-care starts with small tasks like hot baths and skincare. 

Live by Being is a vegan, all-natural brand that creates products that help you maintain a skincare ritual. Their milk and bath salts are rich in antioxidants and essential oils that nourish your skin. Check out their at-home spa sets for Valentine’s relaxation. 

2. Replace Your Morning Coffee with Teaspressa

Wouldn’t it be great if someone created tea that has the same caffeine content as coffee? Oh, there is? Sign me up! 

Teaspressa is an organic, all-natural coffee company that sells teas, sugar cubes, and other products that will enrich your morning routine. You can also buy half decaf and decaf tea if you just want that delicious taste.

3. Self-Reflect & Manifest

Inside Then Out creates practical stationery for your journey towards grow…

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History in the Making: Supporting Black Artists

Living in this epoch of time means that almost everyone has access to see everything that exists. However, this in itself is where the problem arises. Eventually, everyone is consuming the same thing; one voice, one platform, one vision. So, it is then up to us as individuals to seek others who are creating ripples within this timeline and there is no better representation of the waves that can be made than through art. This Black History Month celebrate those artists who are remembered as well as the ones who continue to carve their way with palette knives, brushes and let’s face it- even tablets.   The best part about it? You can amplify their visions from wherever you are. Listed below are a few artists you can contact, purchase art from, or at the very least give a follow.     If you find yourself on Instagram, you must check out the following 5 artists.   @Artyougifted 

Jonathan has broken through barriers on his own with his…

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Black Writers Matter: Why Representation is so Important

"We younger Negro artists who create now intend to express our individual dark-skinned selves without fear or shame. If white people are pleased, we are glad. If they are not, it doesn't matter. We know we are beautiful. And ugly too..."

Langston Hughes, Excerpt from "The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain" (1926)

In the 1920s, Black creatives thrived within African-American communities throughout the United States, specifically in Harlem. This New York City neighborhood housed Black poets and scholars, and many people owned businesses, which helped grow their small neighborhood. This was a time when notable people like W.E.B Du Bois, Angelina Weld Grimké, and Langston Hughes gained recognition for their intellectual work. 

Literature during this time reflected Black American issues regarding white suppressors, racism, and social injustice. For instance, Langston Hughes addresses in his 1925 poem “I, Too,” how Black Americans seek inclusion in …

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