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Bloom into Spring 

If you look the right way, you’ll see that the whole world is a garden”- Frances Hodgson Burnett


By now most of us have adjusted our clocks. The birds have began to sing in the early morning and there is noticeably more dew on every blade of grass in sight. Which can only mean one thing. It’s time to get the rain boots out and begin shoveling away the winter soil. When sprucing up your garden and home this spring season, look towards the following businesses to help you welcome the pollen winds and fresh blooms

Gye Nyame House

Though Kei, creator of Gye Nyame House designs only processes orders through her Etsy shop, her plant potters are a must have if you have a minimalistic color palette around your home. She hand paints terra cotta pots using black, white, and gold paint to create chic, stylistic linear designs. And talk about affordable-her pots range from $16-$20. What a steal!



deVINE Plantery

Co-owners of deVINE pottery, Kelly Brown and Maya Hanie, are not just punny plant girls. Lifelong best friends continued to grow together through all seasons of life (a little extra pun while we’re here) and have made their business with the purpose of providing others with stunning houseplants. Though they are based in New Jersey, you can purchase their well kept plants online through their website.



Tal & Bert

I cannot emphasize this enough, if you are a fan of gemstones and crystals and you consider yourself a bit of a plant mom or plant dad- we may have found the PERFECT shop for you. Tal & Bert create many products ranging from candles to the infamous plant potters we are highlighting today. Their plant potters display a chipped side embedded with beautiful crystal patterns- similar to the way an open geode appears. They are absolutely stunning and will leave you wondering how they got your personality to fit into a single pot.


Planting with P

Planting with P provides shipping for all of their home plants and floral arrangements- so if you aren’t a gardener or plant person, you can just order and arrangement and call it a day! They keep their business fun with the offer of various bundles and surprises. You can order a mystery box and find the house plant you never knew you needed, or get a bundle box that includes items such as succulents, sage bundles, and other self care products like candles and essential oils. Regardless of the occasion, you can’t go wrong with getting yourself or a loved one a plant surprise! 


The Plant Project

Last but not least, I wanted to include a shop that has brightened their community with the wondrous, colorfulness of botanicals. The Plant Project was created in order to expand the agricultural black community. When visiting the site, you must check out the story behind Bree Clark and why she wanted to create this specfic community surrounded by plants, and of course, don’t forget to shop around. If you are a Texas native, you can visit one of the two locations and soak up the sun together!