2022: Travel Abroad To These LGBTQ-Friendly Destinations

Know before you go.

With the number of performative campaigns, distasteful brand items (looking at you, Juneteenth ice cream), and insensitive rainbow merch, many people have unfortunately come to terms that this might be their reality. Are corporations really funding human rights campaigns? Does our government actually care about my community? No one should have to wonder if they might get kicked out of their rental home because they're LGBTQ+. There shouldn't be a question on if our government is protecting minority and LGBTQ+ people.

That's where this list comes in.

All 8 of these destinations foster inclusive environments, pass legislation that protects queer people, and welcome the LGBTQ+ community with open arms. So whether you're exploring or emigrating, here are 10 international places to keep on your bucket list:

Mexico City, Mexico 

Mexico’s history with LGBTQ+ rights and equality have mostly been complicated. In 20…

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33rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards – Live in New York

Join the 33rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York on May 6th. This award show honors the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ representation, issues, and voices. 

The nominations range from TV to film to artists and authors. Eight streaming services are nominated for 63 nominations: Hulu with 7 nominees, Netflix with 17 nominations, and HBO/HBO Max with the highest count – 19. Peacock, ABC, and MSNBC received 4 nominations. Also, Spanish-language services Univision and Telemundo received two nominations. 

Because of the grotesque nature of today’s society, most of the GLAAD nominations center around gender equality and transgender rights and empowerment. For instance, 30 television shows were nominated and 18 of those TV shows feature transgender and/or nonbinary characters. This includes shows like Y: The Last Man, Queer Eye, and Sex Education. And over 50 nominees for the 33rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards include LGBTQIA+ people of color. 

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4 Ways to Be an Advocate for Women of Color

Women’s History Month is finally here! This month is dedicated to the often-overlooked accomplishments women have done in the United States.

Today, women of color are making history by creating their own businesses, speaking at events, and taking space in male-dominated fields. Here are some ways you can support and acknowledge their accomplishments:

Listen to Podcasts

There are so many female-led podcasts that can impact everyone.

The first is, “Girls That Invest,” hosted by Sim and Sonya. Investing can be intimidating, especially when business and finance are male-oriented subjects. But, Sim and Sonya create a safe space for women to learn about topics like investments, personal finance, and Bitcoin. 

Another podcast to check out is “Lessons from a Quitter,” by Goli Kalkhoran. Kalkhoran ended up quitting her job as a lawyer and started “Lessons from a Quitter” in 2018 to help people who want to start a new career path, but …

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LGBTQIA Owned Home Decor Brands We Love

LGBTQIA Owned Home Decor Brands We Love  For Pride Month and Beyond   Summer is here, and it's the perfect time to update your space by adding things you love! June is pride month, but pride doesn't stop with one month, and Blistey is excited to highlight a few LGBTQIA-owned home decor brands that will help you bring new life into your space. It's a great time to get the scoop on LGBTQIA-owned businesses that you can shop all year long. We must support BIPOC entrepreneurs in the LGBTQIA community, who have been more likely to suffer economic hardship than their white counterparts during the pandemic. Blistey is happy to help you get started.   Pride month is a time for celebration and to honor the advancements gained by LGBTQIA activists. Supporting businesses owned by marginalized groups is a great way to show up for those communities. So if you’re in the mood to spruce up your space for summer, shop these brands for products that range from eco-friendly…
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