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Earth Day.

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It’s here! The day commemorated with the honor of  spreading awareness on how we as a population can better the environmental crises we face. Now- it’s a heavy topic. It’s not easy to go through all the forms of destruction we have created and its post effects, which is why this topic can be especially intimidating for children. (Personal Note: I  was one of those children who was terrified of natural disasters and environmental changes even before global warming and climate change was introduced to me, so I can only imagine how many others have felt the same way.)

This is why explaining the causes of these changes and what we can do to help is so imperative. But let’s be honest, what child has the attention span to sit through an environmental lesson, because I can think of very few who can even do so now. In lieu of this difficulty, here are a few activities you can do with your children, students, or those you may babysit!

Fashion Show: 

I don’t know about you all, but one of my favorite things to do when I was a kid was put on a fashion show for my siblings or even with them. We used to gather different articles of clothing, sometimes even household items to accessorize (if you’ve never made a handbag or hat out of a lampshade it shows), but I think there’s a great way to make this activity environmental friendly.

If your child ever becomes tired of what they already have in their closet of they wear through a clothing item in an area- MAKE SOMETHING NEW. Creating a new clothing item out scraps or old pieces can be both entertaining in process as well useful in teaching them the true value of preservation. If they are really young and needles and thread is not safe, you can use something such as fabric glue. If they want to make a plain boring item more snazzy, try fabric dyes or markers. Or even patch holes together with embroidery! there are just so many ways to make a recycled fashion show happen!

Mini Garden:

Don’t be alarmed, I don’t literally mean plant a garden with your child. Unless you’d like to of course. What I mean is show them the beauty and dedication it takes in order for them to receive the food they consume. Plant one single vegetable, fruit, or herb and watch them flourish into appreciative agriculturalists. Taking care of one single plant can mean the change between a person who eats without thinking that food is disposable and renewable, when in fact, all the elects that it requires does in fact make it limited.

Carbon Footprint Project:

It is never too early to learn what a carbon footprint is and what you can do to minimize its impact. Luckily, this concept is one that is not so abstract. For children it’s easy to distinguish which activities they participate in nearly daily and then it is only up to them to discover a resolution. This project, much like the last is rooted in creativity and can truly be made into a piece of artwork. Here are very loose (but concrete) guidelines as to how you can have the children in your life learn the impact of their footprint.

Get a piece of paper, card stock, or whatever material you like that is large enough for the child to stand on. Have them trace their feet (they might have to imagine their toes) in marker and then let them sit and think what resources they use daily. Remind them to think about things such as what materials they eat on, where they buy their clothes, what products are used in their homes to clean, how they get to school etc. Allow them to either draw or write that into the left footprint, and then have them think about what they can do in order to lessen their footprint. Example: suppose they use paper towels to clean up spills-maybe they can use fiber cleaning cloths that can be washed after cleaning. Once they find their resolutions, have them draw or write them into their right footprint. Easy! Simple! And, well, all around effective.