Blistey is a lifestyle, directory, and travel app with a focus on the BIPOC community.

Blistey is Diversity

Founder and CEO

Meet Franklin Forbes, the founder, and CEO of Blistey. His Latino heritage and the importance and visibility of Afro-Latino/a/x people in the culture have shaped his goals and experiences growing up. After graduating from Columbia University with a degree in architecture he received his Master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Planning (M.A.U.D) from the Kent School of Architecture in England. After finishing school he taught Architecture in Tokyo and Paris. As an architect and urban planner, he saw a lot of inequity in his profession and the ability to connect with other business people and entrepreneurs. He believes that with his skill sets as an urban planner he can find new and creative ways to connect people in the BIPOC community to build and strengthen bonds between our rich cultures. His favorite phrase is that “When one of us wins we all win.”