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Living in this epoch of time means that almost everyone has access to see everything that exists. However, this in itself is where the problem arises. Eventually, everyone is consuming the same thing; one voice, one platform, one vision. So, it is then up to us as individuals to seek others who are creating ripples within this timeline and there is no better representation of the waves that can be made than through art. This Black History Month celebrate those artists who are remembered as well as the ones who continue to carve their way with palette knives, brushes and let’s face it- even tablets.  

The best part about it? You can amplify their visions from wherever you are. Listed below are a few artists you can contact, purchase art from, or at the very least give a follow.  


If you find yourself on Instagram, you must check out the following 5 artists.  

  • @Artyougifted 

Jonathan has broken through barriers on his own with his growingly infamous peace Critical Race Theory which has now been featured in many news stories and articles. 

Prints to his artwork are linked in his bio or you can contact him at jonathanharrisart.com 

  • @Xaadim_senegal 

Xaadim surrounds his street photography with motifs of color to create silhouettes of his subjects in mixed digital media.  

Contact him by email at: xaadimsenegal@gmail.com  


  • @Ochris_ 

Chris attacks realism on paper with pencils, acrylics, and charcoal. His portraits capture emotion and stillness of time.

Contact him by email at: daniel.ogwuche@gmail.com  


  • @Marcellina_akpojotor 

Marcellina takes fabric and acrylic to canvas to compose motifs and bright images of day-to-day life.  

Contact her by email at: @relegallery or visit her website marcellinaakpojotor.com  


  • @Roastedkweku 

Awuku is a photographer from Ghana who contrasts the dark skin that he captures in imaginative compositions of color.  

DM Awuku for purchase or contact by email at: eveob3@gmail.com  


However, if you find yourself less intrigued by social media, you can jump into supporting artists through the newest way of art collecting, NFT’s. Controversial and confusing as it is to some people, NFT’s display a new approach for the art industry and it is pulsing through this digitized generation.  

What is an NFT you may ask? 

NFT stands for non-fungible token which means that it is unable to be replaced or traded with something else. Because each NFT is completely different, if one is traded for another, you would result with another completely irreplaceable NFT. Through NFT’s many artists have been able to showcase and give their work a larger audience as well as receive the monetary reward for their work at the price that more well known artists would receive. To put it simply, buying an NFT is like purchasing the original work of an artist. Anybody can buy a print, but if you had the original-well, that’s where the excitement lies.  


So, if you feel so inclined as to begin a digital collection of art, here are 5 Black Artists to support. 

  • @Tobydphotographer on Open Sea. 



  • @g.v.utong on Open Sea. 



  • @Shabeen.blue on Open Sea.



  • @Motododesign on Open Sea.



  • @Eric. Robinson on Foundation App.



It seems rather irrelevant to do something as minimal as hitting a button to like or follow, but for many artists, this gesture creates the difference that is needed to change the entire course of their lives. With doing so, it also makes it possible for their vision to be seen by so many others. So go ahead- click around!