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LGBTQIA Owned Home Decor Brands We Love 

For Pride Month and Beyond


Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to update your space by adding things you love! June is pride month, but pride doesn’t stop with one month, and Blistey is excited to highlight a few LGBTQIA-owned home decor brands that will help you bring new life into your space. It’s a great time to get the scoop on LGBTQIA-owned businesses that you can shop all year long. We must support BIPOC entrepreneurs in the LGBTQIA community, who have been more likely to suffer economic hardship than their white counterparts during the pandemic. Blistey is happy to help you get started.


Pride month is a time for celebration and to honor the advancements gained by LGBTQIA activists. Supporting businesses owned by marginalized groups is a great way to show up for those communities. So if you’re in the mood to spruce up your space for summer, shop these brands for products that range from eco-friendly and sustainable to brands highlighting the issues faced by Queer People of Color. 


Check out eight LGBTQIA/POC-owned brands ahead, and get ready to spend some coin! 

Need help finding other BIPOC and Asian-owned businesses? We’ve got you! Visit our directory.


Made by Rheal 

One of a kind, gorgeous, and functional. What more could you ask for from your handmade home decor? Proudly Oakland, CA-based the collection of goods from this shop includes stunning pieces like the gold gilded blue concrete hands jewelry holder. 



Blk MKT Vintage

This vintage shop has it all. Find original posters from Spike Lee’s classic Do the Right Thing or stunning vintage photographs to bring beauty and Black history into your space.



Erdos & Ko

A furniture brand focused on curating beautiful, functional pieces of the best quality. The design team, John Erdos and Louis Koay has developed their furniture line to deliver their customers the best choices when designing their homes.


Show & Tell

For textiles inspired by African prints, shop Show and Tell. You’ll find beautiful table runners, quilts, and throws here. Don’t forget to take a look through the shop’s pride collection, there you’ll find scented candles celebrating pride with scents and notes paying homage to “the intimacy of the Queer space…” according to the brand’s website. Fifteen percent of any purchase of a pride candle from Show + Tell will be donated toward the Marsha P. Johnson Institute, which offers support for Trans Black Women.




High-end furniture, meant to make your space feel curated, not decorated. If you’re looking to imbue your space with that effortless color factor, you’ll find the perfect vibe here. Shop TRNK in New York for a unique piece for every room in your home.




Bauformat Seattle

Are you looking for high-quality, beautifully functional furniture for your home? Shop this brand. Get your upgraded kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and closet systems from Bauformat Seattle.


Boy Smells

A brand that engages in scents in a way that breaks from traditionally thought of gender norms. At the company’s founding, you’d find candles overflowing with yummy floral scents, now you’ll find that and so much more. Shop Boy Smells now, and help the company donate a minimum of $100,000 through the end of July 2021 to The Trevor Project.


Grow Mija 

Owner Iliana created Grow Mija, as a love letter to her younger sister, in an attempt to show her sister art that represented her. It has since blossomed into a company selling unique pieces. We love the adorable throw blankets. 

Pride month will end, but our support of LGBTQIA-BIPOC entrepreneurs is forever! Visit Blistey for the best LGBTQIA and BIPOC owned shops, brands, and stores in your city, and around the world.