Tis the season to all things jolly, and with the holidays coming up there, will be many holiday festivities, Christmas carols, and tons of holiday shopping to find the right presents for loved ones. In the season of giving, shopping locally is one thing many consumers will try to do. Not only does it provide the opportunity to get a special gift that you can’t find anywhere else, but it provides a chance to learn more about the businesses in your area. 

When in Chicago, the Black culture there is amazing and livens up the city, and with many Black-Owned businesses from restaurants, bookstores to clothing boutiques and so on, there are many places to check out, and we’ve listed a few. 

1.) Soap Distillery

When looking to embark on a self-care day, soaps are an essential factor. Soap Distillery is a small business that specializes in making the area cocktail scented. From scents like Mint Mojito and Honey Whiskey, the bath will sure to smell divine. 

2.) Brown Sugar Bakery
All sweet tooth lovers are bound to love this one. Brown Sugar Bakery is a Black-owned bakery that specializes in southern cuisine and traditional recipes. They serve many goodies from cakes, pies, and cheesecakes that are a big hit in Chicago. 

3.) Chicago French Press

To all the coffee lovers, this one’s for you. Chicago French Press is a local coffee shop in Chicago that offers healthy but good coffee for everyone to enjoy.

4.) Afro Joes

Another coffee shop located in Chicago, Afro Joes, has many fantastic coffee choices and sandwiches for all to enjoy. 

5.) The Silver Room

When looking for clothing and accessories this holiday season, the Silver Room has been well praised for its fashion and designs. They offer many products that can be used for all types of occasions.

6.) Plant Salon

Plants need love too, and Plant Salon has all the needs to do so. Not only do they have plants, but they also have products that can aid and plant growth but also plant care.

7.) Semicolon Bookstore and gallery

This bookstore has many books for everyone. Whether you are looking to buy a book or just wanting to stop and take a break while shopping in Chicago, the Semicolon Gallery and 

Bookstore is a must-go-to all year round.

8.) Love Period 

When looking for a guest, sometimes it is best to go to a gift boutique, and one Of those in Chicago is love Period. This boutique has many gift ideas, from earrings to Candles and mugs.

  1. Free Mvmt Shop

While embarking on a busy day in Chicago, it is best to look at the Free Mvmt Shop. This shop has classes and dancing yoga that genuinely lets people relax while doing a friendly activity.

10.) Kido 

It’s something for everyone in Chicago, including the kids. Kido is a business located in Chicago that has Chicago-themed items and diverse books for kids to learn more about race, ethnicity and so on.

Even with the few businesses that are listed here, there are many more places to go to. Chicago is a vast and lively city for many people to go to and enjoy the atmosphere and engage with the community.

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