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Postpartum Support for BIPOC Mothers


Becoming a parent can be so hard-let’s just be honest. It is especially true for those who have never experienced it before, or for individuals who had traumatic experiences their first time around. It’s a lot! It’s the overwhelming thought of, “what should I expect?”, but often, we don’t think enough about the unexpected. Mostly because, well, how do you even begin to anticipate what you don’t know. That is why having support is so vital to new mothers and parents. 

Apart from the painful and unnecessary changes that occur to the body, there is also risk of developing temporary or permanent mental illness. Nobody ever really wants to say it, having negative thoughts during or after pregnancy are so frowned upon, yet they’re so common. Postpartum depression affects many, and without taking care of yourself, watching over a newborn will only be that much harder. So please, if you are a pregnant person, reach out. 


Mae Health

Mae Health is a platform created for expecting black mothers with information and support from the moment they discover they’re pregnant to every doubt after. They provide not only basic educational materials via their website and blog, but also aid personally through their programs. Their focus is to ensure that black mothers receive the same care that other women do. If you fear you will be facing complications throughout your pregnancy or struggle with balancing your emotions, Mae health can help. Not to mention that their origin story is incredibly inspiring. 

Read about Mae Health here: https://meetmae.com/aboutus 


Though there aren’t services curated specifically for expectant mothers and pregnant people in other BIPOC communities, there are regular therapy services that are culturally in tune with the communities. 


Therapy for LatinX 

Therapy for Latinx is a database that  focuses on connecting individuals with psychologists and therapists of Latin descent in order to ensure that they are culturally conscious. They have also made it a priority to hire Spanish speaking individuals for those who have difficulty communicating in English, or have any sort of language barrier.

Find out more about Therapy for LatinX here: https://www.therapyforlatinx.com 


Asian Mental Health Collective

The Asian Mental Health Collective is similar to Therapy for LatinX in the sense that it aspires to connect Asian individuals with therapists that will understand the cultural battles that their specific community faces. Not only that, but they aim to create a peaceful bridge between the preservation of their traditions and the new experiences that the community is facing.

Find out more about Asian Mental Health Collective here: https://www.asianmhc.org 


Native American Counseling and Healing Collective

Unfortunately, there is no nation wide or worldwide therapy community that specializes in Native American patients. However, if you are a resident of Colorado state in the US, there is one facility that is curated specifically for Native Americans. The Native American Counseling and Healing Collective is composed of three wonderful and kind women that work with Colorado Native residents to ensure their mental health remains as important as their traditions and culture.

You can learn more about them here: https://www.nacahc.org 


As women, we have been taught to be dainty, polite, and pleasant- but becoming a mother means having to be more than that. It comes with fear, insecurity, and biological hormonal changes that are uncontrollable. This is why it is imperative to reach out for support and make sure that you are feeling as strong as capable as you have always been.