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Resources for Domestic Violence Victims

If you or a loved one is suffering from abuse of domestic violence please call 1(800) 799.7233

You can also text the hotline at 88788 or chat live with a person at https://www.thehotline.org

You are not alone, and will never be alone. 


There is no way to make domestic violence something other that what it is. It is awful. And unfortunately, it is an experience that women and children go through at times with no fault to them. To be a victim is to be harmed by a person or situation regardless of if it’s a conscious decision or not. And no case should ever be seen as less than if the victim is consciously returning. Each case is different, but at the end of the day if someone is being mistreated whether that be verbal, physical, or mental, it is unwanted and is therefore abuse. We as a community must gather our resources and support these women, and at times children, during such confusing and traumatizing times, and we hope you will consider lending a hand to a shelter near you in one of these ways. 


  • Volunteer to share your story.

If you are a surviving victim of domestic violence and/or abuse, it may be useful to lend your time, love, and patience to a current victim. Being a person can be so complex, and if you have been a victim before, you know how difficult it can be to share your thoughts and feelings. For victims it may feel as though nobody understands them or their situation. However, to have somebody that does-that truly understands their reasons and fears, can be comforting and may even expedite their healing process from such a difficult situation. 

  • Take some crafts or games for the children. 

There are different cases of victims and no specification of who may be in need of assistance. Something as simple as taking coloring books, markers, scissors, or glue would allow the children at the facilities to do something productive and distracting. As with any form of shelter, it is not always feasible to bring anything other than necessities such as a change of clothes. Children can become bored, or increasingly nervous without the ability to participate in activities. Dropping off supplies would be enough to make one child forget the situation that they are in, at least for a little while. And hey- if you have any time to teach an art or craft class- it could be useful to the mothers as well. 

  • Donations.

Donating is a form of help that is never underlooked and never unappreciated. If you have any questions on what a shelter may need, you can call your local shelters and ask what they are running low on, but basic items that can be useful include:

Hygiene Products:




-Body Wash

-Wash Cloths



-Femanine Products (Pads, Tampons, Liners, Cleansing Wipes)

– Toothbrushes



-Different sized items for women

-Clothes for women






-School Supplies

-Board Games

-Gift Cards

  • Safe Sisters Circle

As always, our mission here at Blistey is to highlight those services that will give back to our BIPOC communities. One foundation against domestic abuse that you could support is Safe Sisters Circle. Founded by women of color, their entire organization uses the donated funds that they receive in order to support women who have been victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse. 

You can find out more here: https://safesisterscircle.org 

Or you can donate here: https://safesisterscircle.org/make-a-donation/