The Story of Hawai’i: What You Need to Know

Recently, I watched a webinar that discussed Hawaiian stories and traditions. Hosted by the National Indigenous Women's Resource Center, this webinar told the story of Pele and her journey towards creating a home for her and her siblings in the Hawaiian Islands.

Pele is the goddess of volcanoes, fire, and the creator of the Hawaiian islands. 

Tūtū (grandmother) Pele also created geographical salt waters and peninsulas in Hawaiian culture. Legend says that she resides in Hawaii’s most active volcano, the summit of Kīlauea on the Big Island. 

Pele’s sister Hi'iaka is the goddess of Hula. 

Traditional hula celebrates the Hawaiian deities and their connection to Mother Earth. These dances, chants, and songs sometimes went on for days. 

Coconut bras and grass skirts are modern Hula attire.  

Yes, the beloved Lilo and Stitch is partially to blame for spreading misinformation. Hula dancers actually wear ‘pa’u’ (sk…

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“Aren’t All Asians Alike?”: A Webinar on Asian Hate

The Sound Health Mental Facility in Seattle, WA hosted a webinar called, “Aren’t All Asians All Alike?” on February 21. Presentor Jolene Jang discusses in this 90-minute program the issues with stereotyping, profiling, and violence against Asians, Asian-Americans, and Pacific Islanders. This webinar was also interactive, which meant that the attendees in the meeting had the ability to ask questions, give input, and share their AAPI experiences. 

Table of Contents Who is Jolene Jang?A Brief History of Asians in AmericaThe Model MinorityWhy Some Asians Don’t Speak UpWhat You Can Do on Your Journey of Amplifying AAPI Voices Who is Jolene Jang? 

Jolene Jang is an Asian-American educator and inclusivity consultant. Born and raised in Seattle, Jang came from a disproportionate school system. Encompassing mostly white Americans, Jang felt unseen in her community and in soci…

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