Postpartum Support for BIPOC Mothers

Postpartum Support for BIPOC Mothers   Becoming a parent can be so hard-let’s just be honest. It is especially true for those who have never experienced it before, or for individuals who had traumatic experiences their first time around. It’s a lot! It’s the overwhelming thought of, “what should I expect?", but often, we don’t think enough about the unexpected. Mostly because, well, how do you even begin to anticipate what you don’t know. That is why having support is so vital to new mothers and parents.  Apart from the painful and unnecessary changes that occur to the body, there is also risk of developing temporary or permanent mental illness. Nobody ever really wants to say it, having negative thoughts during or after pregnancy are so frowned upon, yet they’re so common. Postpartum depression affects many, and without taking care of yourself, watching over a newborn will only be that much harder. So please, if you are a pregnant person, reach out.    Mae…
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