What is Blistey

What is Blistey?

Blistey is the place to connect the world to diversity at home and while you travel.

From a great cafe to hand-made earrings by budding entrepreneurs, woman-owned to sustainable you can find it on Blistey.

Anything you might think of, we can find a business of color that makes it and most importantly, you'll be investing into our communities.

Blistey makes ordering food easy on our app all over the world.

You can find cool BIPOC businesses nearby or order directly from restaurants or use food delivery apps to bring diversity to your door.

Traveling with Blistey will connect both allies and BIPOC people to our communities in ways that were never possible before.

About Blistey

Blistey Boss

BIPOC business listed on Blistey.

Blistey Bee

Using Blistey to connect to diversity.

Blistey Lifestyle

A way for you to connect your wedding to diversity.