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“Aren’t All Asians Alike?”: A Webinar on Asian Hate

The Sound Health Mental Facility in Seattle, WA hosted a webinar called, “Aren’t All Asians All Alike?” on February 21. Presentor Jolene Jang discusses in this 90-minute program the issues with stereotyping, profiling, and violence against Asians, Asian-Americans, and Pacific Islanders. This webinar was also interactive, which meant that the attendees in the meeting had the ability to ask questions, give input, and share their AAPI experiences. 

Table of Contents Who is Jolene Jang?A Brief History of Asians in AmericaThe Model MinorityWhy Some Asians Don’t Speak UpWhat You Can Do on Your Journey of Amplifying AAPI Voices Who is Jolene Jang? 

Jolene Jang is an Asian-American educator and inclusivity consultant. Born and raised in Seattle, Jang came from a disproportionate school system. Encompassing mostly white Americans, Jang felt unseen in her community and in soci…

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33rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards – Live in New York

Join the 33rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York on May 6th. This award show honors the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ representation, issues, and voices. 

The nominations range from TV to film to artists and authors. Eight streaming services are nominated for 63 nominations: Hulu with 7 nominees, Netflix with 17 nominations, and HBO/HBO Max with the highest count – 19. Peacock, ABC, and MSNBC received 4 nominations. Also, Spanish-language services Univision and Telemundo received two nominations. 

Because of the grotesque nature of today’s society, most of the GLAAD nominations center around gender equality and transgender rights and empowerment. For instance, 30 television shows were nominated and 18 of those TV shows feature transgender and/or nonbinary characters. This includes shows like Y: The Last Man, Queer Eye, and Sex Education. And over 50 nominees for the 33rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards include LGBTQIA+ people of color. 

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Bong Joon-Ho Movies to Watch After ‘Parasite’

Parasite, directed by Bong Joon-Ho, became the first foreign-language film to ever win an Academy Award. Joon-Ho's victory unified foreign films and Hollywood blockbusters, which also signified a big win for international filmmakers. As of 2022, Joon-Ho’s recent movie has been Parasite. However, he created many critically-acclaimed films in the past, which are also worth watching. 

Memories of Murder: Bad Cop, Bad Cop

The first movie I knew Joon-Ho by (and is personally one of my favorites) is Memories of Murder (2003). Loosely based on South Korea's first serial murder, this crime thriller addresses systemic dysfunction and injustice in law enforcement. Two detectives try to figure out who’s targeting and murdering women in a South Korean province. However, they have to solve this case when forensic technology was non-existent. A year after its release, Bong Joon-Ho's haunting masterpiece became a cult film. It’s incredibly chilling, frustrating, and depres…

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