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How to Support BIPOC Businesses in 2022 and Beyond

Minorities have been given many names throughout history. In most cases, they were insensitive or unapproved words that mocked our culture. But in recent years, with the many protests and social activism, minorities are given a more inclusive acronym: BIPOC.

What does BIPOC mean?

BIPOC [buy-pock] stands for “Black, Indigenous, [and] People of Color.” The acronym first appeared in 2013, and in 2020 POC and BIPOC became national terms. After the murder of George Floyd, people began advocating for civil and human rights for Black people in America. Eventually, this led to advocating for mental health and participating in protests. 

There is a common misconception that BIPOC is synonymous with Black people or Black Americans. 

That’s not the case. 

While BIPOC was popularized during the Black Lives Matter movement, the acronym is used to highlight various ethnicities, races, and nationalities. This is why people began pr…

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15 Black-owned Businesses to Support This Black Friday

15 Black-owned Businesses to Support This Black Friday

Historically, Black businesses have struggled during Black Friday due to high competition with bigger corporations. In light of supporting Black businesses and becoming a  conscious consumer, we’ve come up with 15 Black-owned companies to support this Black Friday!

Find more BIPOC-owned businesses you'll love here. Briogeo Hair

    One of the best-selling and highly recommended hair companies, Briogeo Hair, has some amazing products for BIPOC women. Their products treat 11 different hair concerns, all ranging from split ends to oily hair to sensitive scalps, which is perfect for someone who knows exactly what they’re looking for. And if not, Briogeo Hair has you covered as well. Their website offers a hair quiz that matches you with hair care products that fit your hair type. 

Briogeo Hair is currently offering a 15 percent discount on holiday sets…
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8 Beautiful Indigenous-owned Hotels and Resorts to Visit This Fall

8 Beautiful Indigenous-owned Hotels and Resorts to Visit This Fall

November is Native American History Month, and for many Indigenous people, this is a chance to shed light on their unique traditions and history. For centuries, Indigenous people have had their sacred land stolen, which municipals use to build tourist attractions and hotels that do not benefit Native people in any way. Thankfully, many Natives have reclaimed their territory by buying back and preserving their land. Here at Blistey, we have organized a list of eight hotels and resorts that are proudly owned by Native Americans, Hawaiians, and other Indigenous groups. 

Find awesome more Indigenous-owned businesses to support here. Salish Lodge & Spa - Snoqualmie, WA

This historic hotel is placed above Snoqualmie Falls, one of Washington’s most scenic attractions. Salis…

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