African Bush Camps

These luxe tented camp and lodges offer wildlife and safari experiences in some of Africa’s untouched areas.

Beks Ndlovu started his journey as a professional safari guide working for safari companies in Zimbabwe. However, he felt that the safaris being offered were sometimes too structured and stiff, not giving you the flexibility to venture out and explore the wonders of the African wilderness in different ways.

He branched off to start his own camp, a place where guides could be creative and imaginative. Somalisa Camp was born from this dream, the now award-winning camp started as a humble dream to bring guides together to teach guests about Africa.

The safari bug bit Beks and he decided this vision was bigger than just him, he gathered people with the same values to create something incredible. African Bush Camps, 13 years later, has 15 camps in Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Zambia and we’re still growing.

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