Alana Yazzie of The Fancy Navajo

Alana Yazzie is a descendant of the Navajo people, a group of Indigenous peoples that now live predominantly in the southwest regions of The United States. Alana was born and raised in New Mexico and loves spicy Native American cuisine. On her blog. The Fancy Navajo, she shares traditional Navajo recipes and promotes local Indigenous businesses that inspire her. She also uses the practices of Navajo cooking to add twists to other types of cuisines.

One of the most typical foods in traditional Navajo cooking is blue corn, and Alana has an entire section on her blog which focuses on uses for this ingredient. Some of her recipes include blue corn scones, blue corn cupcakes, and blue corn crepes. She also includes a traditional magic bread dough recipe (which is vegan!) and can be used to make everything from tortillas to biscuits. Alana has a significant presence on Instagram, where she shares her creations and also showcases local Navajo brands and businesses. Indigenous- owned, cooking

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