Chef Green & Co

Food is one of the most powerful ways to a person’s heart.

That’s true for Anthony Green, whose first chef training began at the apron of his uncle while growing up in Jamaica. Uncle Beres showed and taught him how to make authentic Jamaican jerk seasoning, a fresh marinade that flavors food with the unmistakably delicious flavor Jamaica is famous for.

While there was no written recipe to pass down, the love of food and family was written on Anthony’s heart. Those early experiences with Uncle Beres created an unbreakable bond in Anthony’s life, sending him on a trajectory that brought him to where he is today.

For 15 years, Anthony has been spreading his culinary knowledge and skills to others as a college chef instructor. He feels a deep sense of responsibility and love to his family in Jamaica, and has dedicated his life to the ministry of food to honor them.

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