El Mandela

ElMandela is a social project promoted by the Jesuit foundations in Madrid that focus their attention on migrants and young people: the San Juan del Castillo Foundation and the Amoverse Foundation, through the Amoverse SLU job placement company, with the aim of training and employ young Africans in the hospitality trade.

The restaurant serves as a training and employment platform, where there is a personalized accompaniment process, at the end of which, the person is prepared to work as a waiter or kitchen assistant in the labor market and his place is occupied by a new person to train and work in the hospitality trade.

Our objective is not lucrative, but we do seek economic sustainability to train and employ young Africans, and the benefits obtained by the restaurant are reinvested in creating and improving the quality of employment for these young people.
Black-owned brand.

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Calle de la Independencia 1
Madrid 28013 MD ES
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