FlameKeepers Hat Club

At FlameKeepers Hat Club, our mission is to pass the torch of  “Good Taste” from one generation to the next. Good taste, amiability, equilibrium and harmony were quoted as being words or phrases that are synonymous with elegance by Paulo Coelho. Here at FKHC we tend to agree with those sentiments.

We believe wholeheartedly that being cordial is a display of elegance. Friendliness exudes a certain warmth and grace that is sometimes overlooked in this day and age. Friendliness is also a display of confidence. It can be read as having confidence in one’s self or having confidence in mankind. Either way, it breeds “equilibrium and harmony” amongst all those who happen to cross paths with people displaying these qualities.

Aside from the way we “behave”, good taste is notably displayed in choosing the foods we like to eat and where we like to eat them, the music we like/choose to listen to, the hobbies we take up, how we present ourselves and a number of other ways. At FlameKeepers Hat Club, we will try to take a few of those attributes, forge them together and create a lifestyle brand that would make the generations that came before us and the ones that will follow proud.

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