Foxie Cosmetics

Since 2015, Kayla has handcrafted hundreds of bath, body, skin and hair care products — while simultaneously fulfilling her love of making art, helping others, and giving some insight into skin, what works, and why.

She started in April of 2015 with Bath Bombs, Soaps, Skin, Body and Hair Care, and continued to expand greatly in all 5 categories, as well as adding Perfumes and Home Decor to the line.

She picked up a Vegan ethical mindset the age of 14, so keeping everything Vegan and Cruelty Free are more than a means to be accessible, but her own ethical lifestyle choice. She goes to great lengths to fully be sustainable and fair.

Her bath products aim to soothe aches and pains because she’s apart of the chronic illnesses community, and as a touring musician,  she takes a lot of baths after a long tour run. She wanted products that did something, so Foxie Cosmetics was born through that reason!

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