Ina Sol

Ina Sol and founder Michele Solis, are the treasures of twin nations. Daughters of the sun from the East and West.

Ina Sol celebrates the people, land, and cultures between the mountains of the Philippines to valleys and lakes of Turtle Island. Ina Sol is an expression of love for self-identity, manifestation, and a beautiful genealogy. Ina Sol rejects colonial myths of extinct peoples, erased tongues, and forgotten ways of life through the sacred tradition of jewelry making. Reclaiming the symbols, stones, and practices that protected and adorned our ancestors for generations. Ina Sol offers contemporary yet Indigenously designed pieces that honor our ancestors and allows the next generation to know them as well.


Through jewelry, Michele honors her family belonging to the Bontok and Kankanaey tribes, and is reconnecting to her indigenous roots in Oaxaca and Guerrero. In Kankanaey dialect ina means mother and sol is a tribute to Michele’s born name Solis.

INA SOL translates literally to Mother Sun.

women owned

indigenous owned


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