La Gritona Tequila

Celebrities A to C list! All aboard the tequila train to Jalisco! This is your last call! Jokes aside, it seems you can’t swing the door open to a liquor store without being bombarded with yet another celebrity tequila brand. And while some brands do have an air of prestige or an inkling of street cred, these celeb cash grabs and glorified hobbies are edging smaller, Mexican-born and bred tequila brands out of the market. So, the next time you’re in the market for a flavorful, expertly-crafted tequila, reach for La Gritona. This female-owned, female-distilled reposado tequila brand keeps things local, down to its ornate and distinct hand-blown bottle made from recycled Mexican glass. Even the agave remnants left over after production are distributed to local cattle for feed. As tasty as it is sustainable and equitable, this accessible and affordable tequila belongs on your top shelf.

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