Melanin Haircare

Officially founded in 2015 by two sisters, Whitney and Taffeta White, Melanin Haircare is rooted in passion for natural hair care, healthy scalp care, natural and safe ingredients, as well as high-quality products and unique merchandise that benefit the community that it serves!

Melanin Haircare focuses on high-quality natural ingredients with the addition of meticulously chosen safe-synthetic ingredients in order to ensure our products are shelf stable and to elevate their performance, as product performance and dependability are just as important as product safety. All of our ingredients, both all-natural and safe-synthetic, have been evaluated against the Environmental Working Group (EWG) to ensure that they are in fact non-toxic, and can be viewed with full descriptions of what they are and why they are added to the product. You can also click on each ingredient within the product description on our website for more information.

Natural and luxurious, yet simple and affordable, Melanin Haircare products deliver on quality and affordability for the everyday woman, man, and child.

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