Moira Villiard

Through public art collaborations across Minnesota, Moira Villiard (pronounced “Miri”) is a multidisciplinary artist with a mixed Indigenous and settler heritage who uses art to uplift underrepresented narratives, explore the nuance of society’s historical community intersections, and promote community healing spaces. The outputs of her work include murals, community spaces and programming, exhibits, installations, animated light projections, film, and digital design. 

Moira grew up on the Fond du Lac Reservation in Cloquet, MN, and is a Fond du Lac direct descendent. For three years she worked as the Arts & Cultural Programming Coordinator for the American Indian Community Housing Organization (AICHO), the place where she had her first art exhibition at 18 years old. She currently works as a freelance consultant, designer, speaker, and grant writer and is the lead artist behind organizing the Chief Buffalo Memorial Mural site in Duluth. Her educational, activism-rooted exhibits “Rights of the Child” and “Waiting for Beds” are currently on tour, and recently she’s taken steps to launch a nonprofit called Aanjichigeng, which aims to maintain and protect the site of the Chief Buffalo Memorial while also uplifting Native artists and culture bearers in Northeastern Minnesota.

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