Nia Thomas

Nia Thomas is an ethically made, independent fashion brand founded in 2018. What she describes as a “autobiographical brand” was created for all beings who respect Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. Collection after collection the goal remains the same: We stand for love in its highest form. More connection, affection, and vulnerability in this lifetime. Going back to our roots and primal ways of being through how we get dressed.

Socially Responsible Production

NIA THOMAS is locally made in NYC’s garment district by a small female led garment factory. We regularly conduct in person factory visits to ensure that the people producing our clothes are paid fairly, treated respectfully and working in safe conditions. We aim to minimize waste and energy usage wherever possible throughout the production of each garment.

Plant Based Dyes

Recycled or deadstock fabric we encounter can often have a bland color, discolorations or stains. Instead of irresponsibly discarding of it we use organic compostable plant-based dyes made of our food scraps. These ingredients have been used for centuries and are much better for the skin. As well as better for the planet as synthetic dyes are laced with harmful chemicals that get poured back into our fragile ecosystems.

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