Omaha Star Newspaper

The Omaha Star was founded by the late Mildred D. Brown in 1938. She is believed to be the first female, certainly the first African American woman, to have found a newspaper in the nation’s history. Her tenacity, flare, character, charitable nature and community connections helped make the Omaha Star a corner stone of Omaha’s African American community. When Mrs. Brown expired unexpectedly in 1989, the paper was then placed in the very capable hands of Dr. Marguerita Washington, her niece, who now heads the newspaper.
The Omaha Star and its work for equal rights for all Americans are legendary. Throughout its renowned history, the Omaha Star was on the forefront, leading the charge to open public accommodations to African Americans, including hotels, restaurants, theaters and taverns. The Omaha Star was instrumental in working with the public school system of Omaha to ensure that black teachers had equal participation. Currently, the Omaha Star concentrates of news coverage that is relevant and informative to the particular niche market that it has proudly served for decades.

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