Suyo Pisco

“Suyo is on a pisco discovery mission that aims to partner with independently owned vineyards to share small-batch, single-origin pisco with the world. Alex [Hildebrandt] and Ian [Leggett], Peruvian American founders of SUYO Pisco, began exploring the category in 2019 as a passion project in search of their favorite piscos. They quickly realized that the expressions of the spirit they loved the most were completely unknown outside their own regions, let alone outside of Peru, so they decided to create SUYO. I like that they are doing single-origin pisco and working in a co-op model. Suyo is beautiful in stirred classic cocktail variations, like a Manhattan, or your classic or not-so-classic variation on the pisco sour. —Lynnette Marrero, co-founder of Speed Rack, MasterClass host, and award-winning bartender

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