The Welbodi Coach

TheWelbodi Coach is a client-centered holistic wellness coaching service offered to you who …

  • Are a high-performing, overworked professional/entrepreneur who struggle to cope with the stress-induced challenges of your fast paced, busy lifestyle
  • Feel burnt out by your busy day-to-day routine making you unable to focus on self-care
  • Feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of nutrition information on the internet, and do not have the time to discern which dietary plan is best for you
  • Want to improve work-life balance without having to compromise on your career ambitions and personal development goals.

My role as your wellness coach is to…

  • Meet you exactly where you are and like the person you are
  • Provide moral support, guidance, and practical strategies to help you get started and pursue your personal goals
  • Guide you to develop a compassionate and in addition improved relationship with food and your own body
  • Give you evidence-based nutrition advice made SIMPLE and tailored specifically to you
  • Inspire and motivate you to achieve a balanced, fulfilling, and above all a confident life

If this is you, do not hesitate to contact me for a free consultation session.
Black-owned brand.

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