Yasolo Exotic Grocery Store

The Yasolo experience

At Groupe Yasolo , we strive to offer a unique Afro-Québécois culinary experience that unites various black identities. They are at the very heart of the multicultural identity of Québec society.

Located on the edge of one of the oldest settlements of Afro-Quebecers, we are privileged to be able to play a decisive role in offering the next generation of Afro-Quebecers a culinary experience that cements and shapes their unique identity.

At Groupe Yasolo , we follow the principle that food connects us to nature.

The manufacturing of our food is inspired by artisanal processes and our African roots. They positively contribute to our health and that of the planet.

We strive to build a sustainable agrifood system which, from land to plate, is beneficial to the members of this chain and transcends a unique Afro-Quebec cultural experience.

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Rue Notre-Dame Ouest 3763
Montréal H4C 1P8 QC CA
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