Anteel Tequila

Nayana Ferguson is considered to be the world’s first Black woman to co-own a Tequila company, having founded Anteel with her husband, Don Ferguson, in Metro Detroit, Michigan.

Nayana created Anteel after she looked for ‘healthier spirit options’, but did not find any.

She kicked off the brand’s launches with a coconut lime blanco Tequila.

Anteel Tequila is now available at select stores in California, Florida, Texas, Michigan, New York, Georgia, and Colorado.

“Tequila has become very personal to me,” said Nayana on the brand’s website. “As a pancreatic cancer and breast cancer survivor, I need to watch what I am putting into my body. For me, Tequila is a spirit that I can drink without too many after-effects, as long as I don’t add anything else. I want to educate people on the benefits of Tequila and change the stereotypical thought of what Tequila is.”

Black Owned, Alcohol

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