Juices For Life

Juices for Life is more than a brand. We consider ourselves family to everyone who walks through our doors and to everyone who lives a juicing lifestyle. This includes all healthy lifestyles that will help our children, parents, siblings and all family members within our community. Although we sell fruits, vegetable, wheat grass, sea moss and Love Is Love protein powder, don’t forget that we are still a bar. We consider ourselves  “Cheers” for the healthy folk. Instead of a shot of Whisky you can get a shot of wheat grass. If you need a healthy and cool social hangout spot that has a diverse group of people then come visit Juices For Life.

Our mission as a brotherhood brand and family is to get as many people healthy and/or health minded as possible. Most people in poorer communities do not have health insurance and do not have regular doctor visits. Being more health conscious can limit unnecessary ailments caused by foods high in sodium, fat, etc. which will help the next generations to come.

Come check us out at one of our Juices For Life locations. If you cannot make it then try to supply yourself with the necessary tools so you can get busy at home. Let family and friends see you juicing, eating healthy and just feeling great overall and watch it spread.

Love is love. Juices for life

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Malcolm X Boulevard 277
Brooklyn 11233 NY US
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