Mijenta Tequila

“Many high-end tequilas are now owned by celebrities, but Mijenta [owned by Juan Coronado] is out there, competing in the market, and doing sustainable work. In Spain, they’re taking over; it’s nice to see Latin folks doing a great job in Europe because bringing in Latin products that aren’t big brands is tricky. The tequila has a honeysuckle flavor, and the notes are fresh. It’s going to be a little bit off-dry — it’s not vegetable-forward like jalapenos and peppers. With this one, you get more fresh flowers, like eucalyptus. It’s delicious. If I’m going to make a margarita or if I’m going to make something to sip, that’s my go-to tequila at the moment.” —Natasha Bermudez, a bar director at Llama Inn and Llama San in New York City, and Llama Inn Madrid

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