Aldez Organic Tequila

“The owners, Manuel and Jennifer Aczualdez, tapped a good friend of mine, Ariel Suarez, to partner with them to launch this brand. What I like about Aldez Tequila is the company’s sustainability practices. It is a certified organic, artisanal tequila bottled by using recycled Coca-Cola glass and sealed with recycled cork. The Aldez Reposado’s bold and rich flavors, derived from an eight-month aging process in reclaimed bourbon casks, make it a great option for savoring on the rocks, but also lends itself beautifully to crafting a classic old-fashioned cocktail. The Aldez Blanco, the brand’s unaged version, has black pepper and citrus notes that make it perfect for a Paloma and other refreshing cocktails.”

latino owned

women owned

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