Rosalynn Daniels

Rosalynn Daniels is a lifestyle personality, content creator and photographer. Although born in Charleston, SC and raised in Virginia Beach, VA, Rosalynn grew up all over the world and has experienced a myriad of cultures, due to her father’s military career. Those travels molded and shaped her into a bright personality that allows her to relate to people of all backgrounds.

On her journey as a wife and mother, Rosalynn found herself challenged with fusing her love of a cosmopolitan lifestyle with her new and rewarding family roles. Her passion grew for recreating great dinning and event experiences for her everyday life with her family. Rosalynn wanted her family to have the opportunity to experience some of the rich global experiences she had as a child.

That passion birthed the Rosalynn Daniels brand, complete with television appearances, food demonstrations, brand partnerships and website, She created the site as a place to inspire other parents and millennials that it is possible to have it all. Rosalynn’s aspirational lifestyle is presented to her audience by encouraging them to simplify, think outside the box and never sacrifice quality. Her video tutorials detail her process of implementing simple recipes, entertainment tips, lifestyle inspiration, and relatable situations that she experiences as a modern wife and mom.

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