Shadow Ridge’s Distilled Gin

Mezcal is having a moment. While the smokey spirit might not be for everyone, its unique flavor makes it the perfect replacement for whiskey and tequilas. “I can see why celebrities are interested in becoming a part of this industry,” says Lobos 1707 CEO Dia Simms. “The spirits industry is a fun, celebratory space with a lot of hard-working, incredible people. That said, consumers today are savvy, and celebrity by itself only works when paired with an exceptional product.”

Simms has the goods to back it up and then some. With a powerhouse professional background (she’s worked for the Department of Defense and Diddy himself), her unique career path primed her for work in the spirits industry. The result? A just-right smoky-sweet mezcal perfect in Palomas, margs, and more. A champion for Black women in business, Simms advises, “There is enough work, wealth, and opportunity in the world to find a place where you are valued. Sometimes that is entering historical spaces and changing from within, and sometimes that is starting a new space completely from scratch. Building the future you want to see.” This advice is a stark contrast to Kim Kardashian’s recent advice to aspiring businesswomen. Ready to feel the burn? Find recipes, merch, and more on their website.

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